Dry Your Tears Africa – A Poem

Today I feel a little nostalgic, mainly because I remembered a poem I used to recite in elementary school: Dry Your Tears Africa, by Bernard Dadie. My teacher, Mr. Doamekpor, made our entire class memorise this poem and recite it from time to time. And now, many years later, as I go over these familiar words, I realize that they hold much deeper meaning than 11 year old me could comprehend. I would like to share this poem with you today, and I hope it gives you a sense of clarity, kinship and patriotism for our beloved Africa. Enjoy.

Dry your tears Africa
Your children come back to you
Out of the storm and squalls of fruitless journeys

Through the crest of the waves and the bubbling of the breeze,
Over the gold of the East
and the purple of the setting sun,
The peaks of the proud mountains 
and the grasslands drenched with light.
They return to you
out of the storms and squalls of fruitless journeys.

Dry your tears Africa!
We have drunk
From all the springs of ill fortune and of glory
And our senses are now opened
To the splendor of your beauty
To the smell of your forests
To the charm of your waters
To the clearness of your skies
To the cares of your sun
And to the charm of your foliage pearled by the dew

Dry your tears Africa!
Your children come back to you
their hands full of playthings 
And their hearts full of love
They return to clothe you
In their dreams and their hopes

Maybe I’m being biased because this poem holds some sentimental value, but this is one of the best poems I’ve ever been treated to. It captures a lot of complex emotions and feelings of affinity for one’s home, no matter how far away one may travel. I’m just grateful to have been taught this lesson when I was very young. Thank you, Mr. Doamekpor, the best teacher I ever had.

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