Drugs: Something New I Learnt Today

Hello there, today’s installment of S.N.I.L.T features a pretty controversial topic: Drugs, or more specifically, narcotics. In a lot of places all around the world, drugs are illegal and could lead to incarceration for pretty long periods. But I saw something from The Gravel Institute, explaining why legalizing all drugs could actually be in the best interest of people in society.

It’s a very short video(1 min), keep an open mind and you just might learn something new.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till next time bye👋.

Published by niiakueteh

About me... where to even begin. I'm an introvert, above all else, who basically likes to write about the stuff that happens around me. I'm an avid reader, scrabble player and software developer... Oh and I dabble in a bit of crochet.

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